5 Tips to Get Fit for Summer

The time of year is almost here where we automatically wear less clothing and show of more of our bodies.

Do not fear, hot body help is here!

fit for summer

Follow my 5 tips to get fit for summer and you’ll be feeling confident and looking healthier in no time.

1. Get a friend, family member or your partner to workout with you; there’s nothing better than having someone else to cheer you on and answer to if you decide not to exercise. Sharing your journey can be fun and worthwhile. When you both reach your end goal you can celebrate together.

2. If you don’t have anyone that wants to get fit for summer then why not join your local bootcamp like The Hot Body Bootcamp in Fife, where you will get in a great workout and meet like-minded people who also want to get fit and healthy for the summertime. By joining a bootcamp you definitely won’t get bored, it is fun fun fun but obviously with a lot of hard work thrown in! When you’re looking slimmer and feeling awesome you’ll know it was worth it.

3. Make sure that you are eating the correct amount of food each day. Look at your portion sizes; do they cover the entire dinner plate? Over the years portions sizes have gone up and up. A great idea is to change the size of your plate to a smaller one, get rid of the large dinner plate and instead eat your meals off side plates. It will make such a big difference to the size of your meals; you’ll automatically be cutting down on the amount of food that you eat. When you eat out at a restaurant instead of having a main course for your meal have a starter; by doing this you will cut the amount that you eat in half.

4. When you do eat make sure that you chew your food well. When you eat slower you will consume less food which means that you will lose more body fat in time for the summer. It takes 20 minutes for your brain to register that you’re full so if you speed eat then you may go way past the point where you are full and not realize until it’s too late. Make sure that you are eating healthy foods; fresh fruit, vegetables and proteins every day. Limit your alcohol intake and cut out sugary foods and drinks completely.

5. Set yourself reasonable goals, don’t go all out to lose 10 pounds in 7 days because it really isn’t going to happen. You will get out what you put in so if you train hard and exercise regularly you will see a huge difference by the summertime.

Follow these 5 tips and you will look and feel healthy and fit for the summer.

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