Are you ready to make changes?

So, are you motivated to make positive changes?

How not to make changes

Do you find yourself saying…

“Today is the day I am going to be better”

“I am going to feel better”

“I am going to look better”

“I am going to eat better”

“I am going to take care of myself better”

“I am going to make better choices!”

Yet nothing really changes?

The good thing is that you have established a starting point by identifying what you want and why.

Now HOW will you get there?

Well knowing what to do and doing it are two very different things.

Unfortunately, it’s not what we know, but how we apply that knowledge to our day-to-day life – the choices we make and the actions we take – that make the biggest difference.

And our lifestyle completely determines how our bodies look and feel.

That is why I tell you that in order to maximize your fat loss results, a Lifestyle Change is in order!

Yes! You are a super busy Woman and the prospect of making a Lifestyle Change may seem daunting and tedious.

However, if your lifestyle habits do not support a positive change, then there is no amount of exercise or cleverly designed nutritional program that will deliver the results you seek.

It is my goal to show you that this “Change” is not only possible, but can be quite simple!

You can even get started right here, right now for a lifestyle change is all about being aware and making one good choice at a time.

The cumulative effect of your choices will allow you to gradually gain control over your lifestyle habits which lead to lasting results.

“What is the ONE most important change I can make in my life today that can jump start results so I can get started on this New Lifestyle I have committed to?”

Great question! And you are right on target to narrow your focus to ONE change at a time.

Make healthy changes

Try one or all of these 5 simple strategies to make changes and jump start your New Lifestyle and Maximize your Fat Burning Potential!

1. No More Skipping Breakfast!

2. Start your day Moving! Even if it is just a 5 minute stretch.

3. Make strength the priority of your workouts.

4. Eat a protein and a produce (veggie and/or fruit) with every single meal and snack.

5. Live each day On Purpose. Your actions reveal your priorities.

Time to stop wishing and hoping for results to appear – all change comes from taking action.

You can do this!

Karen 🙂

P.S – If you’re ready to jump start your New Lifestyle, Maximize your Fat Burning Potential and Want to make changes and drop a dress size in 28 days guaranteed!

Then join The Hot Body Bootcamp starting 17th October!

Wendy Lee Cormack wrote: “Karen is definitely to be trusted – great workouts regardless of the weather!! It’s all part of the fun – you don’t even notice the rain when you get started… in fact it’s most welcome! (I’m sad I cant be there this month)”.

So go on, join us on the next bootcamp and be brave to make the changes you want and need!

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