Choosing a Trusted Boot Camp

The ‘boot camp’ workout is becoming more and more popular with people across the world for getting lasting fat loss results and having a blast while achieving that! It is really important for your bootcamp trainer to have the right qualifications and experience to help you get great results in a safe and effective way!

When choosing a ‘boot camp’ it is so important for you to choose a trusted and experienced bootcamp that has a proven reputation for providing a safe, fun and effective workouts.

Here’s what to look out for when choosing a boot camp to join:

First and foremost, what qualifications do your boot camp leaders have? To be sufficiently insured for your safety and so they know exactly how to instruct you properly they should have the right qualifications and good amount of experience so make sure you check them out before taking the next step.

Check out what style of boot camp is on offer; does it sound like the type of environment that you will feel motivated, comfortable (within reason!) and confident? In order to get positive and lasting weight loss results you need to ensure that you are well informed, motivated, guided and encouraged every step of the way. Ideally you want to go for a bootcamp that offers support for people at different levels so if you’re a beginner you can get the guidance you need and if you’re a more advanced exerciser then you can fall in and get the extra push and toning that you’re looking for. Your bootcamp of choice should help you to feel empowered and stronger both mentally and physically.

Where will you be doing your workouts? You will get the best out of your workout if you are able to do it in a motivational environment so look out for this when choosing your boot camp. Outdoor bootcamps can often have very changeable weather; this is especially true for places like Scotland and the area of Fife. Changes in terrain and weather can often add to the challenge as well as the fun! Working out outside in and inspirational and natural environment certainly beats being stuck in a square room, packed with sweaty people and renewed air!

What will you be doing in your boot camp? You bootcamp workouts need to be full of variety whilst also following a structured fitness plan. The amazing results that people get from joining a bootcamp are attributed to the constant changes and challenges that your body is required to go through. If you have a passionate and motivating instructor you can guarantee that you will enjoy each workout and get the fat loss results you want to see from the work you’re putting in. In any good boot camp you should expect to do a variety of challenges such as dynamic warm up, joint mobility, core stabilisation, glute activation, strength training, metabolic conditioning and flexibility training.

Boot camps have become so popular over recent years down to the fact that they are so much fun, they leave you full of energy, you can experience life altering changes, you can often make a whole host of new friends and they get you the physical results you want to achieve.

Perhaps you’re thinking about checking out a boot camp for the first time, had a bad experience with one that wasn’t quite what you were looking for or you want to give it another go and really make lasting changes.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a bootcamp, we are here to make sure you get the results YOU want!.

Trust Me and I Will Get You Results Karen 🙂

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