Do You Care About Your Health?

We all like to look good on the outside, we take extra care with our appearance making sure that we look attractive and presentable to the world but how much care and effort do you take when it comes to taking care of your health?

Research suggests that some younger women are more interested in the way they look rather than how healthy they are which is pretty poor news.

Too many women are focused on calorie counting instead of eating a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet and this so often leads to poor food choices, muscle loss and nutritional deficiencies!

This is a crazy perspective to have; seriously, it really doesn’t matter what the heck you look like, if you don’t have your health you haven’t got anything.

do you care about your health

It really doesn’t take long at all to prepare a simple and nutritious meal. No one can tell me that you can’t follow a healthy diet because millions of people across the world do.

By focusing on your appearance more than your health you’re actually damaging your appearance anyway.

Without the right amount of calories or nutrients you not only leave yourself wide open for the usual health atrocities like heart disease, diabetes and cancers but you also invite dull, brittle hair and nails; problem skin, hormone imbalances, body fat gain and lethargy. None of these are attractive effects especially when they are essentially self-inflicted!

There is so much free life changing information right there on the internet for you to take, use and build a really healthy body from. There are no excuses in the 21st century not to realize you have to put your health before anything else and know how to do that.

You have a responsibility to pass your knowledge on to your younger relatives and friends and encourage them to pass it on too. It is a sad day when a woman or man of any age prides their appearance over their health.

Without good health life is not sustained at a reasonable level. Why would you want to go through life at a reasonable level?

You have to value every cell in your body and fuel it with natural goodness every day. You have to keep active so you stay supple and able to carry out every day simple tasks.

I do not care what you look like and nor should you because if you’re in good health then your natural beauty will shine through.

If you didn’t care about your health before or know someone else that seems to have that mind-set then I hope your mind is now changed or you help to change theirs.

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