Do You Want to Enjoy Christmas?

Have you seen the Morrisons advert on the TV?

The one where they show you the poor woman stressed out of her head trying to do everything herself for her family for Christmas, you even see her in the Kitchen on Christmas day doing all the cooking herself looking fecking miserable and at the end of the add she walks through to the table with the final plate sits down heavily looking knackered only to then smile because her family are all happy!


First off stress will make you fat so that’s the first reason you don’t want it but really guys as women does it really make us happy to have to do everything ourselves?

Let’s start teaching our loved ones to help out more, give them some responsibilities, yes all of them!

Personally I know I can do it all myself, I know I want my family to have an amazing Christmas but guess what…. I want to have a great Christmas too, with time to sit and relax, watch a Christmas movie and enjoy slowly wrapping my Christmas presents!

So get the whole family involved this year and take the pressure and stress to be super woman off yourself! We know you love them but being stressed, exhausted bad tempered and miserable doesn’t make any one happy.

Do You Want to Enjoy Christmas

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enjoy christmas

It’s The Little Black Dress Season

Whose Fault Is It?

As we get closer to Christmas, aka ‘the little black dress season’, it’s going to be parties left, right and centre, which means getting out of those baggy winter clothes (which can hide a multitude of sins) and into your slinky party gear!
So do you want to be the girl who feels fat, bloated and constantly pulling at her dress because she doesn’t feel comfortable in what she’s wearing?


Do you want to be the girl who feels super confident in her new Christmas party dress, looks great and has others commenting on how fantastic she looks?

Well, whichever one you turn out to be, this little black dress season….it’ your fault!

What I’m trying to say is that your actions directly reflect what you see in the mirror and how you feel about it!

Let me explain a little further…

You say: ‘Well there was nothing healthy in the work canteen so I HAD TO HAVE a sandwich and crisps, but now I feel all bloated’

THAT’S YOUR FAULT…you didn’t prepare anything at home to eat to take to work, and you know the old saying ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’!

You say: ‘Well my friends were all drinking wine…they made me, and the next day I was too hung over to train’!

THAT’S YOUR FAULT…it’s not your friends’ fault, if you really wanted to feel great about your body this LBD season you would have said no or avoided the situation altogether by, for example, taking the car.

So to help you take responsibility for how you look and feel this LBD season here are my top 7 LBD tips…

1. Make an extra portion of your evening meal and take it to work for lunch the next day-that way you won’t be stuck with the crappy canteen choices

2. Eat before the party- if you eat well before you go to one of the many Christmas parties I’m sure you’ll be invited to over the coming weeks, then you won’t be tempted by naughty buffet food!

3. Get an ear infection-well not literally! To avoid drinking alcohol and getting a hard time from your mates for not drinking just tell them you have an ear infection and you’re taking antibiotics, easy!

4. Grab a picture of yourself looking the best you’ve ever looked and felt and put it in your handbag or purse so that wherever you go you are constantly reminded of your goals

5. Make a date with yourself-an exercise date that is! Grab your diary and schedule when you will training in the next
7 days. This way you won’t end up putting it off and never getting it done

6. Be a girl guide-be prepared for every eventuality. Whether you’re out shopping or at a party, don’t let yourself get hungry (this will make the naughty food even more tempting!). Instead have emergency supplies in your handbag, e.g. nuts or berries

7. Before you decide NOT to train or contemplate JUST HAVING ONE little cheat (believe me this is a sure fire way to fall right off the wagon), ask yourself….’will this make me look and feel better or worse in my Little Black Dress

Have a great Little Black Dress season!

Live, Love & Laugh a Lot

Karen xx

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