Does Your Exercise Routine Need Revamping?

If you’ve been doing the same exercise routine forever then it may be time to revamp it.

Doing the same exercise routine week after week can stop you from achieving the results that you want, your body becomes so used to your workouts that it just plateaus, meaning that it will see just stay the same and you will no longer feel any progression with your body.

Not only that but your exercise routines can become boring and who wants to work out if they’re bored? Exercise should be fun and challenging.

It’s so important that you mix your exercise routines up and keep things interesting.

There are many ways that you can revamp your workout, here are a few that you can start today.

Circuit Training is an excellent exercise routine that you can do that incorporates cardio training with strength training. The circuit training format usually uses from 6-10 exercises that are completed one after the other without any rest; these can be done for a certain amount of reps or for a set time. After each circuit is completed then there is a short rest period before going onto the next set. This is a great workout if you’re short on time, it can also be fun and challenging.

Plyometric Training is a great source of exercising using explosive movements that can really shed some body fat and leave you looking sexy for the summer. Include jump squats, jump lunges and plyometric push-ups in your exercise routine. If you are an exerciser beginner then don’t go straight into plyometric training, wait until you’ve built up your fitness level slightly.

exercise routine

Bootcamps are a great way to get fit. If you haven’t tried The Hot Body Bootcamp yet then I suggest that you get yourself to one as soon as possible. Bootcamp workouts incorporate cardiovascular, strength, endurance and flexibility training all in one session, which provide a total body workout. Bootcamps are extremely fun and very challenging, you will also get to meet new people and make some new friends, which can help motivate you to achieving your goals and also hold you accountable. What more can you ask for?

Outdoor workouts can be the challenge that you are looking for. Try mountain biking, rock climbing or trail running. All of these workouts will increase your fitness levels and you’ll have fun doing them. Look in your local area for these activities as there may be a group that you can join that meet up a couple of times a week.

Sign up for a local run, 5k, 10k or a half marathon. This will be a great motivator that will help make you work out even if you don’t feel like doing it because you know that there is an end goal in sight and you want to achieve it.

Bodyweight workouts are great if you’re limited with gym equipment at home or you don’t belong to a gym. Squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, step-ups are all effective bodyweight exercises. You can even arrange a circuit training session which includes all of these exercises.

Try one of these today to revamp your exercise routine.

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