Fitting Your Workout into Your Busy Schedule

With life being so fast paced, fitting your workout into your busy schedule can be tough.

Because you are so busy everyday do you find that your workouts take a back seat?

busy schedule

It’s important to remember that fitting your workout into your busy schedule is essential to keeping yourself healthy, fit and on top of your game.

You don’t need to spend hours each day working out, you can do short bursts of exercises that will be more effective and take you half the time.

Short burstsInterval training is a great way to get a good cardio session in and it will burn more body fat than your traditional long cardio. You can complete an interval training session in less than 20 minutes. Run fast for 30 seconds then walk slowly for 30 seconds, repeat this 15 times and that’s your workout done. With this workout you can do it anywhere, inside a gym or out in a park.

Walk – Walking is a great way to fit in some exercise and if you can take that up to a power walk then that’s even better. Stop taking the lift at work or at the shopping centre, use your legs and take the stairs. Park your car at the opposite end of the supermarket car park and power walk to the shop. At lunch time go for a walk instead of sitting in the office. There are so many ways that you can fit walking into your day.

Prepare yourself – Always keep your workout clothes and trainers in a place that you can see them and never forget them. If you drive to work each day then keep your workout clothes and trainers in the boot of your car, if you work out in the morning then make sure your workout clothes are next to your bed so you can roll out of bed straight into them.

Bootcamps – Joining your local bootcamp is a perfect solution to fitting your workouts into your busy schedule. You can join an early morning bootcamp, before work or before your day gets going. Your bootcamp instructor will guide you through what to do, so there’s no “what workout am I going to do today.” Not only that but you’ll have fun and meet some great people.

Make exercise part of your schedule – You may be busy but that really doesn’t mean that you don’t have time to workout, you make time for everything else in your life. See exercise as just another appointment that you have to attend. Add your weekly workouts to your calendar so you know where and when your next workout will be.

Fitting your workouts into your busy schedule will eventually become a habit, just like remembering to drink enough water each day.

Once you have got into the habit of working out you’ll sit back and ask yourself why didn’t I do this a long time ago, especially when you start to see the great results that you are achieving every week.

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