Get an Early Start for Party Season

I know it is a wee bit hard to believe, but the party season is only around the corner.

The bars, restaurants and hotels are already advertising their Christmas Party events and even their New Year’s Eve ones too!

So, you’d better get an early start and make sure you’re looking trim, glowing and suitably glam ready for the start of your party season.

Here’s what you need to avoid this autumn if you want to look and feel good in your party dress.

Don’t fall into the ‘it’s cold outside so I need to eat loads of carbs to stay warm’ head space. Sure, celebrations are ahead and the days are getting colder but that doesn’t mean you need to eat chilli jacket potatoes every night or have a taste of everything at the buffet.

Bad party season choice

A little of what you fancy is fair enough but a heck of a lot is BAD! Stick to your healthy eating and allow the odd treat here and there but then make sure you do an extra power walk the next day.

TRICK – Wear more layers and your appetite will remain stable which means you won’t feel the need to eat more!

Don’t tell yourself that ‘one lie in won’t hurt’ actually it probably will. Sure it may be dark outside, it may be cold and even raining but if you choose to stay in bed this time then it ‘won’t hurt’ next time right? Wrong; this is a slippery slope to gaining stomach fat!

So, get yourself out of bed and either do a home workout (all alone), go to a snuggly (sweaty/busy) gym or do the best thing EVER and join a bootcamp which will not only get you motivated, keep you committed to reaching your goals, give you some more confidence, and help you lose body fat but you can even make a whole load of new friends to go to a festive party with!

Whatever exercise you do, don’t stop; keep moving, keep the blood pumping and keep healthy.

Don’t pile on your big, fluffy loose winter jumpers and your baggy trousers and skirt just because it’s getting colder. Keep your autumn clothing just as fitted as your summer clothes, otherwise you may end up actually fitting into your baggier clothes all too quickly.

Layering up is actually a good idea, but when you put on baggy clothes you send a subconscious message to your brain telling yourself that you can eat more because your clothes don’t fit you. Instead pull out or buy an item that you love to wear that either you don’t feel 100% comfortable in right now or that doesn’t quite fit you and aim to get into it ready for your Christmas party.

Look hot for party season like these two

Avoid these typical autumn/winter pitfalls and you will not only look great for party season but you feel great too.

Now, take off that sweater, put down that jacket potato and get out of bed!

Karen 🙂

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