Get Beach Body Ready

If you really want to see a difference when you put on your bikini this summer then you have to get off your bum and make the changes to get the results!

Here are some simple changes you can make that will have a huge impact on how you look and feel this summer. By just making these small changes to your lifestyle you will certainly be beach body ready in no time.

Be a part of something

Become part of something where you interact regularly with others and you will literally live longer. Research shows that people with few social connections are far more likely to have poor mental health, poor physical health and to die prematurely. Taking part in a group activity enriches your spirit, helps you build friendships and can really help you gain confidence. A group activity like bootcamps can be even more worthwhile because you’re taking care of your health, reshaping your body and boosting you spirit all at once.

Get a handle on stress

Stress is evident in nearly every major disease. High levels of cortisol cause you to put on fat around the middle which is detrimental to your entire health. Meditation has been consistently shown to bring down stress. Taking a few minutes each day to relax your mind, calm your nervous system and lower your heart rate can help boost your mood.

Eat Less Sugar

Sugar depletes your body of important minerals needed for a smoothly functioning metabolism. It depresses the immune system, making your body less able to mount an attack on health-robbing pathogens. Sugar increases the risk for metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart disease, all conditions that can potentially shorten your life. Diets high in sugar or refined carbohydrates convert to sugar very quickly and can seriously mess with your health.

Get out and find the light

Vitamin D is made when your body is exposed to sunlight. It helps fights cancer, repairs damage and strengthens bones. While you don’t want to risk exposing yourself to too much sunshine, it is also important that you get enough. Ensure you have a good level of protector on and then get out for a walk, join in an outdoor activity or take a rest outside where you can soak up this fabulous vitamin.

Stay hydrated

Water is one of the most important substances to your existence, without it you simply cannot survive. As the summer is now here, it’s even more important for you to ensure you’re well hydrated as you will perspire more. Drink between 2 to 3 liters a day, every day to ensure your body keeps functioning properly. Dehydration can cause some very simple problems but can also lead to life threatening issues, so always ensure you have water with you everywhere you go. No one wants you to look like a prune so drink up!

Make these changes from today and in less than 4 weeks you will have changed your body in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Walk that beach with confidence and let the true you shine through this summer.

Karen 🙂

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