Get Sexy for Santa!

Don't be the woman stuffing your faceOk gang, listen up!!

It’s 50 days till Christmas……that’s it!

But it’s enough time to get in shape instead of hiding under baggy clothes throughout the festive season and complaining about feeling and looking ‘uncomfortable’.

Make this the year that you’re the ‘skinny bitch’ in the hot black dress (or the hot guy in the tight jeans!)!

You only have 1 Bootcamp left to go before Christmas so you need to take action NOW!! Next Bootcamp kicks off Monday 21st November

So you decide…

Are you going to be a Christmas cracker or a Christmas pudding? Do you want to look and feel gorgeous in your little black dress this year? Or do you want to feel bloated and uncomfortable and just decide to skip the Christmas parties? And then you could always just start your new diet in January and eat yourself stupid for the next few months?

Don’t let Christmas arrive and you’re still moaning about how you look.

You can make a huge difference…

Starting now!!!

So, as a Christmas present to you we have decided to make Novembers Bootcamp extra special!

To celebrate the last Bootcamp of 2011, we have a special bonus for you. When you book your place on The Hot Body Bootcamp this month you will receive your free ‘Sexy for Santa Christmas Survival Guide’.
Look hot in your party dress
Because we are so dedicated here at The Hot Body Bootcamp to getting and keeping you in shape, we offer a support system and a guiding hand right through the festive period – 24hours a day, 7 days a week!

Your ‘Sexy for Santa Christmas Survival Guide’ will include:

• 7 weeks Bootcamp for the price of 4
• Home video workouts
• Home video cooking demonstrations
• Top tips to dress right for Christmas from a personal style consultant
• Your guide to being a Christmas cracker and not a Christmas pudding
• Daily motivational e-mails to keep you on track during the festive period
• 24/7 access to text and e-mail support for those times when you desperately need a helping hand
• A clean Christmas day menu
• And lots of motivational videos and tips along the way

To make sure you end 2011 with a bang, looking and feeling your absolute best!

Book your place NOW and get this amazing package

Click here > YES! Karen, I want to get sexy for Santa!

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