Happy New Year

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and now have all the crap safely removed from the house!?!!

I had a fab time catching up with family and friends and Santa was very good to me too, must be because I’m always so good!

Did you know being overweight is contagious?

Research conducted at Harvard Medical School in 2007, showed that people that have at least 1 friend of the same sex who is overweight or obese have a 57% chance of becoming obese themselves! If that same friend happens to be a best friend, the risk of becoming obese rises to 171%!!

When I read this I actually felt a little inspired. Because this means that the reverse has to be true. Those who have lean friends will be LESS likely to be obese. To me, this was comforting. All it means is that we need to find friends who are lean and/or get our close friends to get involved in living a lifestyle that helps us all become lean and fit.
The take home is this: perhaps the best resolution you can make if you really want to stay lean is to find friends who are lean and/or get your existing friends involved in the same lifestyle change you are making!

While most people are simply thinking about diet and exercise, it seems the real power of making change lies with your social network.

So how’s your year going so far Have you ‘fallen off the wagon’ with your diet by any chance?

Stupid question really isn’t it!!

It’s 3rd January and we’ve just spent the last few days (perhaps the last month) pigging out on all those ‘festive treats’ so we all DEFINITELY need to get back to eating healthily again!!!

Is this you:

You’ll tell yourself you’re going to be really ‘good’ and you’ll eat nothing but salads & fruit for 3 days… then feel miserable & starving hungry and have a blow-out come Thursday afternoon! Then what happens… ‘diet starts Monday’ AGAIN!

Well we’re not gonna let that happen this time!

For a start, living on lettuce & apples is not fun or healthy and will not get you the results you’re after! It is also totally unrealistic to expect your body to survive on such little nutrients so no wonder you fall off the wagon, feel like you’ve failed in your quest for a healthier body and set yourself up for a cycle of disappointment, feeling rubbish and gaining fat!

These are a few of The Hot Body Bootcamp steps you need to take to lose weight, feel fab and look amazing:

1. Get breakfast right!

Breakfast is so important in kicking your body off the right way each day. Eat the wrong thing and it will be an uphill battle to drop fat & feel great, but get it right & it’ll be a breeze!!!

Did you know, what you have for breakfast will determine what foods you’ll crave for the rest of the day as well as determine whether your body will want to ‘store fat’ or ‘burn fat’ throughout the day…

A breakfast high in carbohydrates will make you reach for the biscuit tin by the time elevenses comes around because sugar at breakfast = sugar cravings all day. Plus, eating a ‘high carb’ breakfast will release hormones to ‘store fat’ rather than ‘burn fat’

What ‘traditional’ breakfast foods are high in sugars & should be avoided at breakfast:– Cereal & milk (including Special K, Bran Flakes and any other supposedly ‘healthy’ cereals)
– Toast
– Fruit on its own (have fruit with some nuts / seeds & sprinkled with cinnamon)

What to have instead:
– Scrambled egg / omelette with lots of veggie fillings: tomatoes, avocado, onion, spinach, watercress, peppers etc prawns are good too
– Avocado halved & topped with prawns & chopped tomatoes and drizzled with lemon juice
– Boiled eggs with lightly steamed asparagus spears dipped in (wrap them in smoked salmon for a treat)
– Quinoa & almond milk is a great cereal replacement, topped with some nuts & berries – yum!
– My favourite breakfast… banana pancake!

2. Drink up

Water that is!!!

You need to be drinking at least 3 litres of water a day for optimum fat loss results
Your body WILL NOT burn fat if it is even a tiny bit dehydrated

Avoid these drinks:
– Fizzy drinks (loaded with sugar)
– Diet drinks (loaded with sweeteners – even worse than sugar for your health & for fat loss)
– Fruit Juice (as much sugar as coke!)
– Sugar free squash (loaded with sweeteners – children are given this all the time & it is terrible for them)
– Tea & coffee – contains caffeine which will dehydrate you
– Alcohol!!! (full of sugars & it is toxic for your body – your poor body will spend the next 3 days wasting time trying to get the toxins out of you instead of burning fat)

So what can I drink then…?
– Water!!! And lots of it! Why not squeeze some lemon / lime / orange juice into a hot or cold glass of water for variation
– Herbal & fruit teas

3. Eat your greens

I can’t emphasise enough just how crucial veggies are to dropping body fat!

They fill you up… They’re full of nutrients… They contain essential vitamins & minerals for your body to function effectively…
You want to be eating veggies – green ones especially with every meal or the day!
Aim to be getting 7-10 portions of veggies a day!
That’s right 7-10 portions of different vegetables every single day!!!
Think back now to what you ate over the last 7 days and I bet most of you will have barely eaten 7-10 portions of different vegetables in the last week…?!?!?!

Here’s an example of how to get 10 portions of veg in:

Breakfast = omelette with a handful of spinach & chopped tomatoes (2 portions)
Lunch = stuffed peppers filled with mince, onion, peas, courgette, served with a large handful of watercress (4 portions)
Dinner = Mexican chicken & black beans with steamed asparagus, broccoli, cabbage & cauliflower (4 portions)

4. Ditch the junk

Chocolate, sweets, crisps, biscuits, cakes, ready meals are all loaded with sugars, salt, sweeteners, e numbers & bad fats that will leave you feeling sluggish, fat, tired & lethargic. Hey you know that as you’ve spent the last week pigging out on them & now you’re feeling tired, can’t be bothered & sluggish right…?

We all know this one really so don’t cheat yourself… get yourself organised & make yourself some ‘healthy treats”

5. Get moving

Diet without exercise doesn’t work, neither does exercise without the right diet

You need to choose the right exercise to boost your metabolism and get your burning fat like crazy!

20-30mins of the right exercise will work far better than 45-60mins of the wrong exercise. In fact, do the wrong exercise & you could even make your body store fat!!!!

Exercise needs to be high intensity & working HARD for a short period of time. Pacing yourself for long periods of time (like jogging) will not help you drop fat at all!!

So there you have it, follow these five steps and you will be well on your way to looking & feeling fabulous!

Live, Love & Laugh a Lot in 2014

Karen xx


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