How to Improve Your Posture

Looking good and feeling good about yourself isn’t just about having a fit body and fitting into smaller clothes, your posture is a huge part of this.

If you have a good posture then this sends a message out that you are a confident person but if you slouch then this can be taken as you have low self-esteem. Learning how to improve your posture is very important.

When you stand properly your body looks aligned and slimmer.

If you find yourself slouching at your desk or when you’re walking down the street then these tips will help you improve your posture so you not only look good but you feel confident.

how to improve your posture

How to improve your posture

Get in the habit of checking your posture throughout the day, always keep your shoulders back and down but in a comfortable and natural position. By doing this throughout the day it will become a habit and then eventually you will automatically hold them back without even thinking about it.

If you work in an office and spend most of your day sitting behind a desk then when you’re sitting on your chair push your butt back towards the back of the chair. This will stop you from slouching over your desk.

Another tip for you if you sit behind a desk all day is to replace your regular office chair with an exercise ball. Sitting on one of these all day is perfect to improve your posture. There’s no back to lean against so you’ll have no choice but to sit up straight. You can buy an exercise ball online or in the larger supermarkets. Take it to work with you and inflate it when you get there.

Regular workouts are very important when you want to improve your posture. Having strong back muscles can play a huge part in this as they will help improve your overall posture. Also keeping your hamstring flexible and strong will take any pain that you may be experiencing in your lower back. When this happens you will stand tall with your shoulders back.

If you find that you suffer from a sore neck and back during the day then try some stretching exercises that focus on these areas. By doing this you will keep your back and neck lose so you won’t tense up causing tension headaches.

When you are driving always keep you back firmly against the seat and the seat should be in a good distance from the pedals and the steering wheel. This will stop you from slouching forward when you are driving. Keeping the head rest at the right angle is also important. Make sure that the headrest supports the middle of your head and keeps it upright.

These tips will not only help you improve your posture, self-esteem and confidence but having a properly aligned posture will reduce any tension headaches or lower back problems that you may be suffering from.

There are so many benefits to having good posture, so it is important that you make changes to improve yours today.

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