Humans Come in All Shapes and Sizes

As you know us humans come in all shapes and sizes because our body shapes are all completely different.

How do you feel about your body, are you happy with it? Or are you constantly striving to improve your body’s appearance?

humans come in all shapes and sizes

There is so much negative press out there telling you should look a certain way and be a certain size, what you’ve got to remember is that you are a real person and real people don’t all come in a size 6 nicely packaged up, they come in all shapes and sizes which makes you unique.

It’s important to ensure you’re physically fit and healthy more so than focusing on ‘the skinny’. You have to embrace the body you’re given and treat it with love and respect because it is the only one you have!

If you think negatively about yourself and constantly criticize the way you look then you are going to feel unattractive and unhappy about the way you look and feel. But if you make an effort every day to compliment yourself then you will feel far more confident in your own skin.

When you have confidence in yourself you are going to appear to the rest of the world and yourself an attractive person who is happy and fulfilled, now that’s HOT!

Remember, you don’t have to conform to others ideals, you are in control of your life, you are who you are meant to be and any ‘improvements’ that you feel need to be made should be made by you and for you.

Forget what you see on the TV and in magazines, work on your own body shape and don’t try to be somebody else that you think society would prefer. Be the best you can be with the body shape you have and don’t try to fit into someone else’s idea of how you should look!

When you think about it, it’s really all about you living the healthiest life in the body that you have.

Treating your body right with regular exercise and eating good natural foods every day will automatically make you feel good about yourself.

Accepting any flaws that you may have is important to accepting your body and feeling good about it. When you start to do this your self-confidence will hit the roof and other people will also notice this as well.

So remember that humans come in all shapes and sizes and are very special in their own individual ways and that means you!

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