Just One Bootcamp Can Change Your Life

We can help you get results in less than a month! You can literally change your body, mind and life with just one bootcamp session.

Say goodbye to jiggly bits and hello to a firmer, fitter body that makes you feel confident and strong.

Kat, Pat and Gill all made fantastic progress; they knew it wouldn’t be easy but taking the positive steps they needed to has made them all feel healthier and slimmer which means we’ve done our job.

With fast, fun, high energy workouts in a safe and friendly environment, you can’t help but lose weight and actually enjoy the process!

Kat Before:

Kat After:

Totally chuffed with my result, I feel human again! Thank you so much for everything over the past month I know I have had my moments.

Rest assured the eating will continue now – I feel like it’s already second nature (maybe try and work harder on the chocolate) but in general my diet has now been transformed.

I feel that there is still a bit to go in the way of toning so I look forward to working with you next month for ‘Kat Phase 2’.

Thanks again.


The Hot body Bootcamp helps to change lives! Yes we’re changing bodies at the same time but that is always a small part of what we do, we change lives by giving you your health back and we help you to achieve things you never thought you were capable of.

This is why we do what we do.

Pat has come along way and we are proud of her progress and happy to have been a part of her journey.

Well done Pat!

Pat’s Progress:

Taking part in The Hot Body Bootcamp, working with other people and achieving such great results has been an amazing experience for me. I feel so much more motivated and uplifted now.

My whole attitude towards eating, living and exercising (and life!!!) has totally changed, and I’m definitely a different, more energetic, happier, and slimmer person.

I am now a lot fitter and enjoying it too. Being out in the fresh air is a great mood enhancer. I took part in the 5k Race for Life this year which is something I would never have dreamed of doing before. I now have a lot more confidence (which was commented on only last week at work).

Not once have I ever felt embarrassed working with Karen, which has always been a concern of mine.


Take a leap and let us help you change your body and get your life back on track just like we helped Gill to make some much needed changes with hers.

The Next Hot Body Bootcamp: starts Monday 30th May 2011 and there’s not many spaces left!

Do something amazing and join The Hot Body Bootcamp today, you won’t regret it!

Karen 🙂

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