Keeping Fit on the Beach

Your summer holiday is the perfect time of year to unwind and to relax and take some timeout.

If you enjoy going to the beach every day when you’re on holiday then you may want to consider keeping fit and treating it like any other day.

Keeping fit on the beach is the perfect place to get in some exercise, not only that, but it can be fun as well and you can even get your family involved.

Interval training on the sand is a great way to get in a quick workout and running on the sand will create an extra resistance for you making your body work harder. You could make it even more difficult and run into the sea and back out along the beach. Try this a few times and get in a great workout in.

Get your partner and kids involved by taking a football with you to the beach. You can either have a kick around together (in an open area!) or you can all get in the sea and try some water volleyball. You can even do both workouts, just split them up into 2 workouts, one before lunch and one after lunch. Both can be great fun and if you have some friends with you, you can even involve them or make some new ones.

keeping fit

Frisbee is also a great family workout; this will get your heart rate up and have you running around the beach constantly. Playing with a Frisbee is also beneficial to work your upper and lower body. Make it even harder for yourself by positioning yourself in the sea, that way when you have to run for it you’ll have the added resistance of the water to make you work that little bit harder.

Swimming in the sea is a great workout, just be careful not to swim out too far. If the water is quite choppy it can increase how hard you have to work. Swimming in the sea can burn a lot of calories, so if you over-indulged the night before it’s the perfect opportunity to burn those calories off. Swimming in the sea is also a great total body workout.

Power walking in the water is a good exercise. It will also keep you cool after all of that sunbathing. Let the water come up to your hips and power along the beach, great for a lower body workout. It’s also perfect if you want some timeout away from the kids.

Try working your core on the beach by getting into the plank position on the sand, hold for 45 seconds and release. Once you’ve done that then try some tricep dips on your sun bed followed by some jumping jacks.

When you’ve finished your exercises on the beach to help you keep fit then it’s time for you to lay back and relax.

Keeping fit on the beach doesn’t just have to be about hard work, it can also be lots of fun. Especially if you get other people involved.

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