Olympic Workout Tips

As the Olympics have already started here are some Olympic style workouts that will get you moving instead of sitting on the sofa watching the games.

Olympic workout tips:

1. Cycling

Obviously we are the best in the world at cycling so why not dig out your bike and join the many people who are taking up this sport. Its fantastic when the weather is sunny but if you don’t mind getting wet it can also be fun cycling when it’s raining too. Cycling is great for your lower body and bottom and it’s also ideal for the family as well. There are many off road areas that you can cycle on these days, so it doesn’t have to involve the main roads.

2. Swimming

This is great workout for your whole body, most towns have a local swimming pool that you can use and if you haven’t swum for a while some places also offer swimming lessons. There are many different workouts that you can do in the swimming pool including interval workouts or setting yourself a number of laps that you want to complete in specific time. If you are going on holiday then you can continue with your swimming either in the sea or the resort swimming pool.

3. Tennis

Find yourself a tennis partner and start playing. Tennis is great for your strength and flexibility. You will be using short bursts of energy which will increase your fitness level. As you lunge and twist throughout a tennis game it will also improve your stability and balance. Tennis is such a great form of exercise and it’s also good fun as well.

olympic workout tips

4. Running

Running can be done over a long distance or short bursts of running. Getting out especially if the weather is nice can be an enjoyable workout on your own or with friends or family.

Whatever workout you decide enjoy and you can even pretend you too are an Olympic athlete.

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