Stay Healthy No Excuses

Well it‘s November, and the nights are dark and the weather is cold, and before we know it the festive season will arrive in all its glory.

The faint sound of sleigh bells in the air will hypnotize away our powers of rational thought; spending what we do not have or cannot afford, feeling constantly rushed, stressed, and emotionally pressured by families and friends conflicting requests.

After weeks of eating from party selection packs and not exercising because there is too much to do, 2013 will arrive to find us limp, flabby, and panic-buying the latest ‘Slenderize your Butt Through Positive Thought!’ book, or the Latest Dancercise workout DVD.

You can abandon yourself to the weather, the darkness, the endless works seasonal lunches and obligatory winter stodge, or you can give yourself a mental slap round the chops and knuckle down to some healthful living.

Winter is the worst time of the year to give up the (fitness) ghost; the extra strain of bad weather, seasonal pressures, and lack of sunlight will leave you in an emotional and physical slump.

You are not a squirrel and do not need to lay fat down for winter and hibernate; lose the extra pounds, eat well to fight off colds and infections, take vitamin D3, get outside in the light to fend off seasonal depression, and maintain your fitness routine.

Start working now and spend the end of the year feeling healthy, vibrant and proud rather than tired, over weight and stressed.

The end of the year can be a fantastic solid goal to work towards, so here are a few ways to get fitter by Christmas.

stay healthy no excuses

1. Get out and active this week:

Don’t spend the dark evenings glued to the television (When was the last time you were super-glued to your seat all night, and forced to watch the plethora of soaps that are on TV every night? Never?) Walk to work, dust off your bike and get muddy at the weekend, appreciate whatever the weather throws at you and go for a long country walk (possibly terminating in a cosy pub). Put your usual classes in the diary; book a fitness date with yourself, and stick to it. Santa’s not gonna give you a toned body and a few pounds of round the middle, you’ve got to get it yourself! Even better; make a date with a friend to do something together, and then you will have to do it regardless of the dark/cold/wet

2. Buy some seasonal vegetables:

UK markets are groaning under the weight of healthy vegetables at this time of the year; pumpkin, squash, turnip, swede, beetroot, many varieties of cabbage, parsnips, cauliflower, leeks, chestnuts, and apples. Get to the farmers market and you will be surprised at the variety on offer. Fill a basket and go home and make some warming soups, roast some pumpkin with thyme and olive oil, bake some vegetables and steam some cabbage. Make double quantities and freeze them for when you’re short on time. The winter can be an opportunity to eat well, not an excuse to abandon yourself to mince pies and Roses.

3. Go for a walk:

Many people are affected by the lack of light from November onwards. This may make them feel tired, unmotivated, low or depressed. Make the most of the available light and get out into the light each day for a brisk walk; 20 minutes during your lunch break each day is 100 minutes of walking a week, and will contribute to your fitness routine. Top it up with longer walks at the weekends, treat yourself to a waterproof coat/shoes/umbrella, and you may start to relish battling the elements. You don’t have to spend a lot of money just get a few items to keep you dry, this is where I get my waterproof boots for £25 from, dry cosy feet tick, and this is where I get my cosy water proof jacket £20 from dry and warm in any weather, tick, and you’ll soon learn to love being outside in the winter!

stay healthy no excuses

4. Take your healthy routine to work:

Pack a healthy lunch box, a flack of homemade soup and a big bottle of water. Take healthy snacks with you, such as fresh fruit, nuts, rice cakes and almond butter. Take in your own fruit teas and have a nice warm mug of cinnamon and spice tea. Ignore the food/drink machines; irritate your colleagues by munching demurely on a slice of apple dipped in almond butter while they reach for (another) quality street. Human beings are designed to live in the most extreme low-temperatures and adverse weather conditions: surely you can cycle to work in a bit of drizzle, or buy a rain coat and walk? Get your work buddies interested – organize an after-work bowling/netball/football team or a fitness challenge rather than a round of drinks. Work is a big part of your week, don’t leave being healthy to the weekends.

Quick & easy fat loss fit tip: JOIN A GROUP!

When you work out with a group on a regular basis and develop relationships with other women, you are more likely to show up for workouts and work harder during those workouts. Ask anyone that takes part in my bootcamps and they’ll tell you this is true.

Having another woman alongside you during your workout can inspire you to push harder, lift more, or sprint faster.

Wherever you are- find a group of like minded women working towards the same goals as you are… AND JOIN THEM

The winter months affect everyone differently, but if you react to the colder and darker environment by becoming less active, eating more, staying inside and missing workouts, WAKE UP and embrace winter. Don’t turn into a plum pudding, make sure your stockings aren’t too full at Yuletide, and get fitter for Christmas. When the rest of the world is snoring flatulently into a jumbo tube of Pringles, exhausted by over-indulgence, you’ll feel like a million dollars and be so proud of yourself.

stay healthy no excuses

You know it makes sense!

Holiday Hotties

It’s time to turn over a new leaf this winter and gear up to be mentally & physically prepared for the busy holiday season. Instead of letting the hustle, bustle and stress of these merry times take over your schedule.

Why wait for the New Year to reach your full potential?

Let’s start now!

We want you to be the most confident YOU at all holiday functions, feeling stress-free, happy and enjoying the REAL meanings of the entire Holiday season ~ Without letting your exercise schedule and healthy lifestyle go out the window.

So join us for the Holiday Hotties Bootcamp starting Nov 26th –

Evening Classes

Mondays – Body Pump FX – 6-7pm & Fitness Yoga & Pilates 7-8pm
Tuesdays – Step & Tone 6-7pm
Wednesdays – Tums, Bums & Thighs 6-7pm

If you’d like a description of the classes then you’ll find that here –

Live, Love & Laugh a Lot

Karen xx

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