Top Tips to Survive the Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays are almost here.

This is the time when the Cadburys cream eggs and the giant chocolate Easter eggs come out, and how can you resist them and not be tempted into stuffing your face?

You need to balance the situation so you can allow yourself one or two treats but not three or four whole eggs!

If you think about it, it’s really the same as Christmas time where you are allowed a couple of treats but not unlimited amounts.

Follow these top tips to survive the Easter Holidays

Smaller Eggs

Instead of buying large Easter eggs for your kids or family members buy the smaller ones. The larger eggs contain huge amounts of calories, fat and sugars. Smaller eggs contain a lot less and are more likely to be eaten quickly, leaving no left overs for you to feast on.

Choose One

Choose one special thing to eat as your Easter Holidays treat. Make it something you will really enjoy, Not just any old chocolate crap that’s lying around! Take time to enjoy it so it’s worth having instead of shoving it down your throat as fast as you can.

Make it Dark

Choosing dark chocolate over milk chocolate is good anytime of year. Because it’s so rich in taste you are more likely to eat only a couple of pieces of the chocolate bar rather than the entire thing, and the added bonus of eating dark chocolate is it contains healthy antioxidants which are great for your body. 70% cocoa or over is best.

Different Gifts

Have you ever thought about asking for alternatives to Easter eggs? Items that don’t involve chocolate. I know this would be very difficult for your kids but what about you.?The people that usually buy you an egg, ask them to instead get you a gift voucher or a basket of fruit which the whole family can enjoy once Easter has finished, or a plant, plant’s are a wonderful spring present to give or receive.

Magazines, cinema voucher, books, a nice new lip gloss are all fab ideas too!

When Easter has finally finished and somehow the kids still have leftover chocolate, what do you do?

Well there are a number of things that you can do and here are a few of my favourites.

Firstly you can melt the chocolate down and use it to make delicious chocolate crispy rice cakes which the kids will polish off in no time.

Buy a pack of fresh strawberries and with the melted chocolate dip them in and eat straight away or allow the chocolate to harden. perfect to have one or two after dinner in the evenings. Dipped chocolate banana is also very nice and you can even try putting some nuts in the melted chocolate and then dipping the banana in, chocolate, nutty banana.

The whole family will love these.

This Easter try these different top tips that will make a change from the normal Easter that you celebrate every year.

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