Try Outdoor Workouts for a Change of Scene

Taking your workouts outdoors can actually help you lose weight and have a very positive impact on you inside and out. Environment adds to the challenge as well as changes in terrain, so your body is challenged in more ways than it would be in a gym or enclosed studio.

Try Outdoor Workouts for a Change of Scene

Outdoor workouts can really help you step ‘outside’ of your comfort zone which can boost your confidence and really help revive your spirit. When you add in some people, fresh air and fun workouts then there really is nothing better.

Kyaking / Canoeing

Kayaking is a fun activity to do alone or with friends. Moving yourself along in the water can be a really satisfying feeling. Being so close to nature can be give you a sense of belonging as well as being freeing. It’s also a superb workout for your upper body, your core and some of your lower body too. Being a low impact sport, kayaking puts very little strain on your body which makes it a good activity for any age or fitness level. On average you can burn around 300 calories an hour and it’s a perfect way to banish stress which is a major factor when trying to lose weight.

Woman kyaking

Rock Climbing

It’s great to learn and develop skills inside but nothing beats doing this activity outside. The fitness benefits of rock climbing are astronomical. Without training and/or supervision this is not for the novice but an unbelievably incredible activity all the same. With doing rock climbing regularly you can expect to improve circulation, rapidly develop strength and muscle tone, and send your self-confidence through the roof! On average you can burn around 400 calories per hour with fairly gentle rock climbing, so once you get into it the sky’s the limit literally.

For a great place to learn inside and gain the skills to rock climb outside, try Ratho

Woman rock climbing


Fact: People who cycle regularly and follow a healthy diet live longer. Not only is cycling fun, it gets you from A to B and has limitless health benefits. Also a low impact activity, cycling is available to all levels of fitness and ages and will even add 10 years to your life span! Cycling requires you to use most of the main muscles in the body including your leg muscles; core muscles; and upper body for control and support. Cycling makes your muscles and bones stronger and able to function more efficiently. Now who wants to be on a stationery bike in sweaty gym when you can be in the great outdoors taking in fresh air and saving you dosh with every pedel you push.

Woman cycling


One of the most fun, challenging and motivational outdoor workouts you can do. Bootcamps are team activities that incorporate high intensity exercises that challenge every muscle in your body. Bootcamp are the most efficient form of exercise, they require you to use the big muscles that burn help you burn body fat efficiently. Working outside is fun, doing something that is challenging is easier with other people for support and doing things you thought you never thought yourself capable is priceless.

Try one or all of these outdoor activities on a regular basis and you’ll not only have loads of fun but you’ll improve your health, keep your body and your mind happy and healthy.

Karen 🙂

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