Walk and Lose Weight

Walking is such an important part of keeping you healthy but can you honestly say that you walk enough each day or is it more convenient to jump in the car if you need to visit the local shops or run an errand?

Walking every day is not only good to lose weight but it comes with so many health benefits including:

Helps to prevent Type 2 Diabetes
Reduces stress
Lowers blood pressure
Raises HDL – good cholesterol
Lowers LDL – bad cholesterol

As you can see there are so many benefits to walking but how do you fit more into your day?

walk and lose weight

Just follow these 5 tips to walk and lose weight.

1. If you find walking boring then why not make it more fun by listening to music. Always carry your iPod with you where ever you go and make sure that the music on it is fresh and up to date. If you haven’t got an iPod then make use of your smartphone. Just remember to carry some ear phones around with you. Listening to some upbeat music guarantees to put you in a good mood which will make your walk more enjoyable.

2. If you have an errand to run then don’t jump in your car to do it, walk instead. Not only will this save on petrol and car parking fees but you get to fit in a workout by doing it, especially if you’ve things to carry. Get yourself a rucksack and take your walk into a fast powerwalk.

3. Instead of taking public transport to get home after work in the evenings, walk instead. If you live quite a way from work then walk half way home and either get a bus back or get your other half to pick you up. If it’s only a couple of miles home then this is perfect to get a good evening’s workout in and you can walk the entire way home. Just don’t forget your music to power you along.

4. At lunch time instead of staying in the office take yourself out for a good walk. This not only gets you away from your desk but it also helps you to clear your head ready to take on the afternoons work. You can even take a work friend with you if you would prefer some company. Just try not to talk about work too much, leave that for when you get back to the office.

5. After dinner in the evenings instead of watching TV with your family why not all go out for a walk, especially as the warmer weather is coming. This is a good way to walk off your dinner and spend some quality time with your family. You’ll be able to catch up on what they did during the day and if there’s anything important to sort out then this can be an ideal time.

There you go 5 tips to fit more walking into your day and having fun while you are doing it.

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