Working Out for Spring Time

It was the first day of Spring yesterday and it’s good to know that all the winter weather is mostly behind us now! We have been noticing a huge difference in the light at Bootcamp in the mornings, it’s a beautiful time of day we have seen some amazing sun rises in the past few weeks!

As you’re no longer ankle deep in slush and water, what better time of year than to remove those 10 layers of clothes and get outside for a spring workout.

Springtime is great to get your commitment back to working out and getting toned and HOT.

When you’re outside in the fresh air you tend to naturally feel healthier and more energetic. Make time each day to spend at least 30 minutes outside to really soak up the fresh spring time air and appreciate nature. Remember stress stops us loosing fat so getting outside in the fresh air for 30 minutes is great for stress relief. I always feel 100% better after I’ve been outside for a walk or workout.

During the winter time many people miss out on the Vitamin D which comes from the sun. Your body needs vitamin D to help absorb calcium. Lack of vitamin D has been linked to increased fat storage and depression. Just 30 minutes sun light a day is all you need!

Working out outdoors is a great way for your body to get its daily dose of Vitamin D.

As the mornings are getting lighter, have you thought about working out first thing in the morning?

Springtime is a time for renewal and a time for change, set some goals and start to plan out how you’re going to spend this summer, fat and frumpy or toned and tight, start to think about your health to, do you want shiny hair, a great complexion and nice nails?

Get together with some like minded friends to help you stick to your goals. If you surround yourself with people who have similar goals to you, you’re way more motivated to stick with it.

One of the number one reasons women fail at weight lose is lack of support, so why not join me a bootcamp where you will get tons of support and can workout in a motivational group of like minded people, you’ll get fit, lose weight, get toned, tight and gain way more confidence in yourself, you’ll also meet new friends and watch the sunrise together

Another activity you can do to get more fresh air in is hiking. The whole family can do this so it’s a perfect way to experience nature and spend some quality time bonding with your family. Why not take a pick nick and make a day of it.

Regular exercise will definitely put a spring in your step and you will feel the new found energy that you may have lost over the winter months.

Your summer holidays are just around the corner, so get started now so you feel really confident with how you look this year and don’t have to hide in the shade watching all the people who did start in plenty of time and look amazing. We all want to look and feel good especially during the summer time.

Not only that but if you’ve developed a carb habit over the winter months (sweets, breads and pasta) then this is the perfect time for you to refocus your eating habits and lose those love handles ready wearing less clothes and showing more skin.

Start eating more natural foods, lean proteins, fresh vegetables and legumes. Drink more water. Better yet, join us at The Hot Body Bootcamp and get all the information, support and accountability you need to succeed.

Imagine how great you will look, how much lighter you will feel and how much more confident you will be when you decide to really start looking after your body and getting into great shape!

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