Drop a Dress Size before Christmas!

I have a fab winter Pear & Parsnip Soup recipe for you today that’s really simple to make and great to pop in a flask and take to work with you for lunch.

Can you believe how quickly Christmas is coming?

It’s less than 5 weeks away……Yippee I love Christmas!
I’m sooooo excited! I can’t wait 🙂

The only problem with the holiday season is that so many of us completely drop the ball on our training and diets during this time of year.

Sad but true…

blast belly fat

And it’s not like doing that makes you enjoy the holidays! Because even though we can’t help but enjoy them, we are still ridden with guilt and mixed emotions making it impossible to enjoy the “cheating” we do during this time.

Talk about a Lose/Lose scenario!

Which is the reason I wanted to prepare each of you waaaay before hand so that this festive season, you can eat all those delicious treats and do it absolutely GUILT FREE…. AND still be in GREAT shape after the holidays pass us by.

I wanted to talk to you about something that I notice always starts to come up around this time of year, which is, the dreaded holiday weight gain……. Fears that are normally associated with Christmas and New Year are usually all those parties that happen around the holidays.

You know what I am talking about…you could swear that there is a little voice in your head that starts to get louder as the holidays approach…

That little voice that says: “You’re going to gain 10 lbs during the Holidays.”

And then another voice says: “Should I enjoy all the awesome food and chocolate that I see?”

“Is that dress I bought last year going to fit THIS year?!”

It’s also that helpless feeling you get when you look at a nice dessert tray and you can almost feel your waistline expanding the moment your eyes glance over to that chocolate Yule log.

discover how to fit into your dress

It’s inevitable and it happens every year to everyone!

And the worst part is that it probably robs you of feeling good over the holidays and totally fills you with guilt for indulging, knowing it would lead to weight gain.

But if you DON’T want to feel that way, there is something you need to do…

You need to strike now! Forget about trying to “make up” for it after New-Years.

Don’t be a cliché 🙂

Get ahead of the curve and USE those holiday foods to your own fat loss advantage and actually enjoy this holiday season because that’s what you deserve.

That’s why I’m running my “Holiday Hottie Drop A Dress Size Bootcamp” as well as sharing weekly tips so that this year you can have peace of mind heading into Christmas.

Picture Christmas Day this year: indulging in a big roast dinner complete with cheesey potato bake, followed by grandma’s Christmas pudding with double cream or whatever it is your family loves to eat on the day…all without a care in the world.

Because…you look and feel AWESOME!

feel amazing in a fitted dress

New Year’s Eve you’re wearing a slinky little dress that you know you look amazing in, but used to be way too snug to wear.
Not only will you lose unwanted fat, but will also be able to completely relax on the holidays. Yes, you can have your cake, eat it and still look great!

Eat Your Turkey and Drop a Dress Size…….all Before Christmas

Holiday Hottie Bootcamp is a 6 week bootcamp training program that is designed specifically to use holiday cheat foods along with proper workout timing to allow you to drop a FULL dress size in the next 4 weeks and then keep it off for the new year!

…and it will be JUST in time for you to strut your stuff at your office party or get complimented by your family and friends on your new hot bod.

So join us and be a Holiday Hotties starting Monday Nov 26th – http://thehotbodybootcamp.com/book-now/

Here’s your fab quick and easy winter soup recipe, enjoy……

Pear & Parsnip Soup


pear and parsnip soup

• 1tbsp coconut oil
• 2 onions, peeled & chopped
• 900g ( 2lb ) parsnips peeled & chopped
• 450 (1lb ) carrots peeled & chopped
• 1.2ltr (2.25pts) vegetable bouillon
• 1tsp curry powder
• 450g (1lb) ripe pears
• salt & pepper to serve

1. Fry the onions in oil, add parsnips, carrots, stock & curry powder, bring to boil & simmer covered for 15- 20min until veg is cooked.

2. Peel & core pears & cut into 2.5cm (1inch) chunks, add to pan with salt & pepper & simmer gently, stirring for 2 mins. blend, add more bouillon if necessary.
The soup should be nice & thick

Live, Love & Laugh a Lot

Karen xx

P.S Don’t forget if you want to be a Holiday Hottie this Christmas and not a Christmas pudding then join us on Monday Nov 26th – http://thehotbodybootcamp.com/book-now/

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