Need Weight Loss Motivation?

Get motivated to exercise, and experience fantastic weight loss with these fun workouts. Your workouts need to be enjoyable, effective and something you look forward to every time to keep you going back for more!

Here’s my top list of fun workouts for weight loss motivation


What is BODY-PUMP? Body Pump FX is a 60 minute class using barbells and adjustable weights to tone and condition muscles while raising metabolic rate for rapid fat-burning. After an initial warm-up, all the major muscle groups are worked via a series of weight-bearing exercises including squats, presses and lifts. The class finishes with a cool-down and stretch. Body Pump can really help you get results fast and also improves your bone density which can help prevent osteoporosis.


What is Step and Tone? It’s an easy to follow cardio and toning workout using a step, together with body conditioning exercises to burn calories and strengthen and tone muscles in the entire body, with specific exercises designed to burn fat and tone the target areas of the thighs, tummy, bottom and arms. You work at your own pace and will leave feeling invigorated, toned, fit and glowing!


What is Personal Training? If it’s motivation you need then look no further! Personal training is where a qualified fitness professional works with you one on one to guide and support you in reaching your health and fitness goals. After an initial assessment of your current lifestyle, your qualified personal trainer will devise an individually tailored and realistic program to help you achieve and maintain your goals effectively.


What is Zumba? This is a fitness craze that has swept across the world and lucky for you we do a class right here in Fife, Scotland. Zumba is a Latin based dance fitness class that will have you laughing, getting fit and shedding body fat all at the same time! They call it a party and once you’ve been to one class it will keep you coming back for more. Interval training, combined with resistance training helps you burn calories sculpting your body while you have a blast.

If it’s fun and motivational then I’m damn certain you’re going to want to do it.

Come and join us at Fitness Fife for some fun workouts and maybe even consider joining us at one of our outdoor bootcamps.

Karen 🙂

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