Why Low Fat Foods are Making You Fat

You’re standing in the supermarket looking at the different foods, on one shelf you see the normal foods and next to them you see the low calories, low fat variety.

Which ones do you choose?

After a couple of minutes you reach for the low calories, low fat foods because they are better for you of course.

Eating these foods will help you lose weight right? Or that’s what you’ve been told by the ads in magazines and on TV.
These low fat foods could be making you fat without you even knowing about it.

Low fat and low calorie foods are full of crap. They contain extra sugars, preservatives and thickeners that can be a nightmare if you’re trying to lose weight and be healthier.

When the food companies take the fat out of food they then have to replace it with something else, guess what that is……SUGAR

With what they put back into the low calorie, low fat foods it can be far worse for your waistline than eating the full fat foods in the first place.

When people eat lower calorie foods they believe that they can eat twice the amount without piling on the pounds. They may only contain 15 calories less but you’re eating a chemical bomb shell!

The food companies are very clever when they design the food packages, they know how to appeal to people who are looking to lose weight but still want to continue to eat whatever they want.

Reduced fat foods are seen as healthy foods by a lot of people and they actually think they’re good for them so of course that means you can eat more of them right?

Because they put extra sugars into the foods, this spikes your blood sugar levels which soon after drop again making you crave more of them! Can you see how the diet industry is keeping you hooked on their products! There making millions from you buying them so they have to make you crave their food!

Make sure you check out your breakfast cereal too, here’s an example of sugar content for you….

Kellogg’s Special K – 6.8g

Nestle Shreddies – 6.2g

McVities chocolate cake – 5.4g per slice

Nestle Cheerios – 8.6g

Jam doughnut – 8.6g

This doesn’t mean that you have free reign to eat any full fat foods that you want, it means that you need to be smart in the foods that you choose for you and your family.

Next time you are in the supermarket remember, fat free and low calorie foods are not the healthy option. Go for the obvious foods like eggs, fruit, veg, protein, pulses and nuts.

You have to Eat fat to burn fat! Ditch the bad fats found in processed foods. Opt for natural fats such as extra virgin and coconut oil. Take a fish oil supplement to obtain extra omega 3s. These essential fatty acids aid fat burning by reducing inflammation and increasing cell sensitivity and therefore fat burning efficiency and blood sugar regulation.

For health and fat loss the healthy option is for you to follow a natural healthy diet, that doesn’t involve anything low fat or low calorie. A one where you can eat tons of amazing food and still have deserts and chocolate, just like my fat loss nutrition plan at Bootcamp where we learn how to eat food for fat loss!

Plenty of great clean food and exercising is what should be in your life, and then you’ll never need to look at low fat, low calorie foods ever again.

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