Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do the sessions last?

A. Sessions are 45 minutes long.

Q. What will I be doing?

A. Burning fat, getting fit and having fun!

A dynamic warm up, joint mobility, core stabilisation, glute activation, strength training, metabolic conditioning and flexibility are covered in EVERY session.

You will mainly use your own bodyweight and the environment around you, plus a few specific and targeted items of equipment: skipping ropes, boxing gloves, resistance bands and kettlebells.

Sessions are designed to suit ALL levels without compromising – you won’t be pushed to go too far, but the more you put in the more you get out.  The mantra is ‘no-one is left behind’.  All workouts are designed so that each member can push themselves and improve – you will not feel left behind as the super-fit run off, or feel slowed down by the newer members.

Q. Will it be military style?

A. No. Training is designed to be challenging whilst having fun, and feeling empowered rather than belittled! You will get incredible fitness results through positive re-enforcement and working to your own ‘edge’. You will discover what you are capable of, and exceed your current expectations and ability, without any shouting or whistle-blowing!

Q- I haven’t exercised for ages is the bootcamp ok for me?

A- Yes, we have a complete mixture from the beginner to the regular exerciser – you work at a level that suits you and then build up your progression.

Q – Is it women

only?                                                                                                                                                                                                                           A – No men are more than welcome!

Q. I’m not fit enough – should I get fit first?

A. It’s the whole point of the training to GET YOU FIT! Whatever your level is now, you will be able to work at your own pace. Intensity can be adjusted and exercise modifications can be given to provide easier and harder workouts, so long as you are true to yourself, I will pace the training just right for you!  Remember: NO-ONE IS LEFT BEHIND, OR MADE TO FEEL STUPID IN ANY WAY!!!

Q. How much weight will I lose?

A. The aim of the sessions is to burn fat and increase tone so that you see the results in the mirror or at the beach. It’s not about weight and we should all learn that the scales DO lie! However, if you train 3 times per week and use the SIMPLE Nutrition System you can expect to lose 7-14 lb in 4 weeks – as well as toning up so it will look like you have lost even more!  Inch loss is more important in reality – you will lose AT LEAST a dress size (min 1 inch waist / hip / navel) and likely much more!

When looking at the scale you need to remember that you will be building muscle tone which makes it heavier (not bigger!) and increasing water content in your muscles, both of which can actually add to scale weight in the short term, even though you will be looking smaller!

Q. What shall I bring?

A. Wear comfortable training attire and trainers – I actually do NOT recommend running trainers, but If you must wear traditional running style trainers, go for the durable cross-trainers with more lateral support and grip. Running trainers provide no sideways support and are designed simply for forward motion. Bring water too: you’ll need it! And if Mother Nature is bringing us water some waterproofs might come in handy…

Q. What happens if I miss a session?

A. There are no refunds if you cannot make a session, and results are only guaranteed if you attend!  There are resources online and in your support material manual so you will have access to bodyweight workouts you can do at home, so you will still be getting results even if you are not actually there!  Plus, your nutrition coaching is a vital part of the programme, so make sure you pay attention to that!

Q. How do I book and pay?

A. You can book now via the website to secure your place immediately, or you can contact me to book and arrange pay by cash or direct through your bank if you prefer – email me and I can give you the details if you would like that option.  If you are paying a one-off option then you can also send a cheque.

Q. What if I’m not based in Kirkcaldy or can’t make the times listed?

A. We will soon be launching in other areas around Fife. If you are interested in alternative locations and times please get in touch – if you and your friends can get a large enough group together the training can even come to you!

Q. Do you run corporate group training?

A. Corporate group training is an excellent way to ensure your team is fit, healthy and productive, and will boost company morale. Please get in touch directly to discuss the options.  I am available for in-office workshops and seminars and always delighted to come and help get workers working better!