Natural Foods for Health

Natural foods don’t just pump you full of nutritional goodness, they can even have healing properties which is kind of why they were put on the earth for us all in the first place!

SQUASH (Pumpkin, Spaghetti, Butternut etc)

Natural Health Results:

Squash’s are packed with antioxidants and have properties in them that may help prevent arthritis. They also help reduce inflammation. UK researchers have found that people whose diets are high in beta-cryptoxanthin are less likely to develop inflammatory arthritis.

Squash is a very versatile vegetable (technically it’s a fruit!) which you can use in soups, as a substitute and even in some sweet recipes. So give it a try and start reaping the natural health benefits of this delicious food.

Squash for health

PULSES & Legumes (beans; black, borlotti, kidney, cannellini, lentils, pinto)

Natural Health Results:

Packed with high levels of quality carbohydrates, protein and fiber that helps stabilise your body’s blood sugar levels and keeps food cravings at bay.

Pulses and legumes are also extremely versatile and can be used in salads, casseroles, soups and much more.

Pulses for health


Natural Health Results:

The humble pineapple is packed with healthy goodness. It’s a rich source of vitamin C and calcium, and contains an active substance called bromelain. Bromelain has been clinically proven to ease joint pain and discomfort, so it’s perfect as an after workout snack. Pineapple is also an excellent source of manganese which can help boost levels in women helping to balance hormone levels and helping prevent PMT symptoms. As pineapple is so sweet too, it is an excellent snack to have when you get one of those sugar crave moments.

Pineapple for health


Natural Health Results:

Broccoli is a power house green and if you come to any of my classes or are a Hot Body Bootcamp member then you know how much I respect the mighty green veggies! Broccoli is packed with gives bone-building nutrients. It contains vitamins C, K, potassium and even some calcium. Studies have shown that a regular amount of these vitamins helps prevent and even increase bone density, so it’s work eating this super power veg at least twice a week!

Try it raw with some hummus as a well-rounded snack.

Broccoli for health

NUTS (walnuts, almonds, pecans, cashew, brazil)

Natural Health Results:

Some people have the misconception that nuts are fattening and even bad for you! Nuts are mainly composed of healthy fats and protein; these two ingredients help keep blood sugar stable and actually help lower cholesterol. Nuts are a versatile snack and a fantastic protein source and one which you should eat small amount of on a regular basis.

Nuts for health

Include all of these natural foods for health and you will really start to see and feel the benefits of these wonder foods.

Karen 🙂

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