Surviving the Winter Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is a wonderful time to enjoy with friends and family; but for some people this time of year can fill them with dread! There can be so many triggers to send you off the deep end and into over indulging.

Use these simple tips to help you survive the winter holiday season

1. Before you enter into any social situation be prepared

Think about possible emotional triggers such as engaging in conversation with someone that riles you. You can avoid this by either avoiding that individual or simply by not allowing them to display the behaviour or language that gets your goat. Stay calm and keep the conversation light and happy.
stressed about the holiday season
If someone does end up getting to you, don’t head for the buffet table or the bar; go straight to the dance floor (if there isn’t one then create one) and just start dancing. You’ll not only burn calories but within about 3 minutes you’ll feel bloody amazing without a care in the world!

2. Take a moment to think before you put anything into your mouth

Think that what you are about to eat isn’t actually going to be your last meal ever, you don’t need to store lots of food in your stomach because you’re going to hibernate, and eating 12 sausage rolls won’t make you feel better! The festive season stretches out over about 3 weeks, so you don’t need to consume the entire 3 weeks food and drink in one sitting!

3. Don’t use alcohol as a confidence crutch

Understandably sometimes you want a little Dutch courage going into a social situation, especially when you’re in the company of certain people. While a little alcohol can help relax you and make you a bit more ‘care free’ it can also go the other way.

One glass can often lead to too many and when that happens it can turn what was meant to be a social situation into a war zone. Alcohol can often help you do and say things that can’t be taken back! So just be aware of how much you’re drinking, how its making you feel and how you might feel physically and emotionally the next day.

4. Take the pressure off yourself

There’s generally two types of pressure that we tend to place on ourselves that in the end all boil down to one thing; people pleasing. If you’re obsessed about making everything perfect it’s because you’re trying to make ‘everyone’ happy and if you’re going to a gathering that you don’t want to be at it’s for the same reason. So, take a step back and take your time to ensure you’re enjoying yourself first and foremost.

There’s nothing worse than turning up to a gathering when the host is stressed about everything being ‘perfect’. Same thing goes for being invited to somewhere you don’t want to be. This is your life, the only one you’ll get (depending on your beliefs) so please don’t go anywhere you don’t want to be, and be happy about that decision and relax!
have a happy holiday season
Some simple but sage advice on how to survive the winter holiday season

Now get those dancing shoes on, relax and go have some fun 😉

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