The Hidden Danger in Your Food

Are you one of those people that grabs for the salt server every time you sit down to eat? Well, next time you’re reaching your hand toward that salt container, stop and think about the damage that added salt is doing to your body.

It’s a well known fact that a large proportion of our society consumes far too much sodium, which as you may know is salt.

A certain amount of salt is of course essential to your diet but if you eat too much salt then it can have negative effects on your body and your health. This can include heart disease, cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure, which on its own can cause huge amounts of health problems.

Salt isn’t the only cause of high blood pressure though, lack of exercise also plays a big part.

Natural foods contain salt such as vegetables and fruits, that’s why there’s no need to add extra salt when you’re cooking or when you sit down to eat.

There is a large amount of salt contained in packaged and processed foods which are packed full of hidden salt. Fast food restaurants also pack their foods full of salt because it makes you want to keep on going back for more!

Processed foods include, microwave foods, frozen ready meals, canned foods, lunch meats, certain dressings, breads and cereals. All of these foods should not be part of your diet. These foods contain around 70-80% of your required daily intake of sodium and that’s without even adding salt to some of these foods just before you eat them. When you eat these foods you’ll find that they don’t taste salty, it’s just to add extra flavour to them without you knowing.

One teaspoon of salt contains around 2300 milligrams of sodium, which is more than a person needs in a day.

If you are still eating processed foods then you will be consuming too much salt everyday which you should stop immediately but if you’re following a natural healthy diet, full of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean proteins then you salt intake should be just right.

If you are unsure about any foods then always check the label before you buy it but if you are eating naturally then they won’t have to check any labels because they don’t need them! Now go and add some real flavour to your food with herbs and spices.

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