The Right Mindset for Fat loss

It’s All in Your Head!…

My clients are frequently asked…’so how have you done it’…when their friends see the amazing results they’ve achieved.

Their answer is very straight forward, they simply stuck to the plan, to which their friends reply…’oh, I wish I had your will power!’

This is a common mis-conception; that you need the will power of a warrior to make serious changes to your


The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who don’t is down to one simple factor…they have the right MINDSET for fat loss. You see, you could be given the best diet, training and supplement plan, but if your head isn’t in the ‘right place’ it’s completely pointless.

Here’s how to get the right mindset for fat loss

One technique, I use all the time myself, to help me stay ‘on the wagon’, is Positive Self Talk. This is the little voice inside your head that tells you that you CAN do it, rather than you can’t. For example, at the point when your workout is getting super hard and you have 30 seconds of squats left to go but you feel like giving in-then you use positive self talk, and tell yourself ‘c’mon you CAN do it’!

For me, self talk very often boils down to one question… ’Will this take me further to my goal or further away?’

For example, you have an outdoor training session at 6.15am, you wake up at 5.30am and can hear the rain on the window, its cold outside, you’re tired, and you think to yourself, ‘oh, I’ll just give it a miss today, I’ll definitely train tomorrow.

Mindset for fat loss

It’s at this point you should be asking yourself, will this decision take me closer to or further away from my goal?

Another great question to ask yourself at times of weakness is…’how will I feel if I don’t achieve my goal?’

For example, if your goal is that in 28 days time, for your friend’s wedding, you want to get into the new dress you bought that you can’t quite zip up and have it fit comfortably, but you’re offered a slice of birthday cake at your cousin’s birthday party, just ask yourself how you will feel if in 28 days time you put the dress on and you can’t zip it up!

With the above examples in mind, I would encourage you to, as me and all my clients do, every time you’re faced with a decision that could affect you achieving your goal, ask yourself…




Let’s make 2011 the year you GET the body you really want, rather than watching other people achieve it instead!

Change your mindset for fat loss

Don’t go into another year moaning, aching and settling for less than you deserve!

Karen 🙂

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