Tips for Eating Healthily on Holiday

I’ve just got back from a trip to London which was pretty hectic so I had lots of opportunity to grab un-healthy snacks and over indulge along the way but I managed to stay on track, so I thought I‘d share with you some of my tips for eating healthily on holiday.

Just because the kids are off school and your either going to be driving them here and there on day trips or even going away on holiday, you don’t need to spend the next week putting on the body fat you’ve spent this year successfully taking off!

The truth is that eating healthy foods while away or travelling can be a big challenge but trust me, you can do it. With a little planning you already know what you’re going to eat and when, which saves time having to make impulsive choices and possibly making the wrong one in the spur of the moment.

If you plan and prepare then you’ll have nutritiously healthy food to hand every stage of your trip. Junk food is EVERYWHERE and the manufactures WANT you to buy it for yourself and for your kids; they don’t care about your health, they care about getting your money, period!

Tips for eating healthily on holiday

So, before the holidays kick in…

Follow these tips for eating healthily on holiday and you’ll stay on track

Planes, trains and auto mobiles: No matter what your mode of transport for getting from A to B you can plan ahead. Use this check list to stay on track.

A. Eat before you leave (morning, noon or night)
B. Take plenty of water with you
C. Snacks – e.g. 1 piece of fruit & 20 almonds, 4 rice cakes with almond butter (into sandwiches), 1 small carton fat free Greek yogurt & 1 banana, vegetable sticks & hummus or a hardboiled egg etc.
D. If you’re travelling by transport that provides the food then call ahead and book the healthy options

(Actually the list above is pretty much how you should plan every day, for you and the whole family)

Eating out: If you’re going to eat in a restaurant there’s certain things to avoid and include

1. Don’t order any bread; if an appetizer comes then turn it away
2. Anything that comes with sauce or cheese ask for it without
3. Don’t eat anything that is battered or fried
4. Do have lean protein (fish, chicken, turkey) and have it grilled or steamed
5. Do have as much (dressing free) salad and vegetables as you want
(Although that doesn’t mean a plate filled with white potatoes!)

I’m bored, are we there yet?: If you have kids and you’re going on a trip or holiday then you just know that at some point there’s going to be boredom, fidgeting and hunger, not to mention how the kids are going to react!

So, once again preparation is the key. Get some corn kernals and pop around 4 cups before you leave the house. In a bowl place 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and spoon around the warmed popcorn until they’re coated. Let to go cool and fill freezer bags up with the peanut butter popcorn. *Note: Take hand wipes!

Healthy kids snacks on the go

Trail mix with raisins is a perfect snack for kids; raisins alone are good too and satisfy sweet cravings. Frozen grapes are great too if you are able to take a cooler.

Sliced fruit and vegetables are a must and remember not to give them soda’s and fruit juice. Prepare some sparkling water with freshly squeezed orange juice or make a fruit smoothie and take in a flask for you all to share.

Do your research: When you’re going away or on a journey you should do some research prior to setting off. Look online at menus, eating venues in the area, local grocery stores and what facilities they have at your accommodation.

No matter if you’re going on a weekend trip, a day trip, a business trip or a family holiday/vacation, you need to plan to stay healthy every step of the way.

Don’t plan to fail, be prepared and plan for nothing but success.

Use these tips for the holidays or even every day of your life and you will ensure that you’re always eating healthily on the go.

Karen 🙂

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