Two Top Tips for a Flat Belly

There’s a couple of area’s that you may be falling short on and not even realise the effect their having on your body.

Check out these two simple top tips for a flat belly

Avoid ‘Diet’ Foods

Food companies use very clever packaging and marketing to get you to buy their products. If any food product you choose has to contain buzz words or marketing slogans on the packaging then you want to avoid it like the plague!

‘Fat Free’ labelled foods often contain more added sugars than their full fat alternatives.

‘Sugar Free’ options usually contain artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Packaged or highly processed foods contain a huge amount of ‘crap’ which leads to your body absorbing crap and this results in the storage of body fat and you getting a wobbly belly!

low fat crap
I’m not suggesting that you become obsessed with labels, because if you eat clean and avoid packaged unnatural processed foods then you won’t need to read the label because there usually isn’t one.

Just stick to the wholesome natural foods that don’t come with labels like fresh fruit, vegetables, lean protein and water.

Get Enough Sleep

If you get at least 7 hours of sleep a night then you’re doing well and should have a nice flat belly if you also lead a healthy lifestyle. But for those of you who struggle in the sleep department then you may want to try some things to help you get more zzzz’s. If you are one of the unlucky people that gets less than 4 hours sleep a night then it is said you are over 70% more likely to have more belly fat (visceral fat) which can lead to a whole host of life threatening illnesses!

Lack of sleep means that you’re more likely to get stressed easily which means you’ll produce more Cortisol. Cortisol is a natural hormone that helps to create energy but when this process isn’t produced out of harmony with deep sleep then it goes right to being stored as belly fat.

Sleep raises your levels of Leptin which is a protein that helps to suppress your appetite and lets your belly know when it’s full. If you don’t sleep enough then your Leptin levels get out of whack and you wake up hungry and are more likely to grab snacky foods.

Poor sleep patterns can really mess with your Insulin levels. Without regular and restful sleep your body just doesn’t work properly which means that when it’s meant to be burning the fat, instead it goes into storage mode! This storage of fat is usually around the middle of your body; the BELLY!

get a flat belly
Here are some tips to help you get more or better sleep

If time is your issue then do yourself a favour and put your sleep and health first. Get yourself tucked up in bed half an hour or an hour early.

Drink calming teas such as chamomile or sleepy tea about an hour before bed.

Turn off the TV, computer and your mobile phone at least 30 minutes before you go to bed, this will ensure that you get rid of any stimulants prior to going to bed.

Do a 10 minutes meditation session before going to sleep. Get ready for bed; sit up straight on a cushion or on the bed without any distractions and focus on your breathing. Breathe naturally, allow thoughts to come into and flow out of your mind, push your shoulders down and back and just allow yourself to relax. Now jump under the covers and sleep like a baby.

So, watch the foods you’re letting slip by and get a better night’s sleep and you’ll lose inches off your waist and have a nice flat belly in no time.

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