A Real Woman is….

Apparently the average ‘real’ women can hold down a full time job and at the same time be a full time house keeper, look after the kids, be a personal shopper for everyone she lives with, and still have time to work out, eat right and always look a million dollars! Oh and if it’s your birthday no worries because she can pull a card and gift out of her ass, gift wrap it and deliver it at the drop of a hat! She happily does all this while she cheerfully goes about her days, and if she’s bitching about it then it’s only because she has PMS!

And……on the days when she can’t quite manage all of it……you won’t need to beat her up about it because she will for sure already be doing that to herself!

Let me ask..who tells us we have to do it all? Who do we think is judging us? How many ‘happy’ women do you know living like this?

Who are we trying to please? Because it sure as hell aint us!

I know I’m not alone when I say this but “I hate fucking cleaning and cooking” almost as much as I hate grocery shopping! I want someone to do it all for me, yes, like a wife! I do want to work but only doing the stuff I love, who the fuck wants to spend every day doing shit they hate! But yet that’s what so many of us are doing day in and day out while secretly hating our lives, so we go get some chocolate because it taste good and we want at least a tiny bit of pleasure in our day, who can blame us for fuck sake! And as soon as you have had that tiny bit of pleasure you better beat yourself up and feel guilty about that too girl! Because seriously why can you not just lose weight and get in shape already, what’s wrong with you? Your just not motivated enough!  You’ll try to do better tomorrow!

Sadly many women struggle with being the person they truly want to be, and instead, are living their lives and conforming to what society, friends, parents, colleagues and partners think they should be because they are afraid of being judged.

Women in particular are often faced with other people’s presumptions and expectations of who they should be.

You need to be thin to be happy

Your house should always be clean and tidy

You should always look good for your man

Real women have curves.

You should be in shape even though you have kids

Be more lady-like.and feminine

Don’t swear even if you’re angry.

Don’t have strong opinions it’s not lady like

Don’t be confrontational people don’t like it

Don’t be a nag

Always be on hand if someone needs something

Women are natural carers and love looking after people

Don’t put yourself first that’s just selfish

You should provide a fresh home cooked meal every day for you and your family

And…….Make sure you spend your days off catching up with the cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry and everything else you’re not on top of!

Oh and….. don’t blame other people no one asked you to do it right!?!

I could go on and on but you get the point.

What we as a society often forget, is that a woman can be, and is, whoever the f*ck she wants to be.

She might be a stay-at-home mum. She may be a high-powered executive. She might be a painter, a writer, or a race-car driver. She might enjoy wearing long-flowing floral print skirts. She might wear her favourite worn-in pair of blue jeans every day. She may cringe when she hears profanity. Or she may look you square in the eye and tell you she doesn’t give a f*ck what you think she should be.

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Some women live their whole lives resenting everything they have to do and never having time to do the things they really want with their lives! Please tell me this is not you! But if it is that you’re not going to do it anymore!

You can have it ALL! You CAN be Fit – Happy – Hot & Successful! You will however have to be a bit of a Rebel and stop following the fucking rules of what others think you should be doing! Yes it will feel uncomfortable to begin with but how comfortable are you right now with your life, with the way you look naked, with how confident you are, with how successful you are, with the way people treat you? With your relationship? With the way you look in the mirror?

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