So You Think You Eat Pretty Well

Can you believe how fast Christmas is coming!!!

The first Christmas night outs kick off this weekend and the trees will be starting to go up in houses everywhere, I love driving around seeing all the decorations and lights. This is a time of year when we have to be more organised than usual to make sure we prioritise time to look after our selves!

I’m going to start getting a home delivery for my food shopping that way I know it’s done and I know my cupboards and fridge are filled with good clean food so I can stay in shape an feel great. I don’t know about you but eating junk really affects my mood and energy levels so I always make it a priority to eat well, take my supplements, exercise and get enough sleep.

Being happy is a priority for me I hope it is for you too! If you’re stuck for a Christmas gift idea for yourself or someone you care about then you’ll love my “Get lean in 2013” Bootcamp gift vouchers available from next week!!!

So you say you eat pretty well do you?

I’m sure that you have a ton of healthy choices in your diet. But have you fallen prey to what some marketers try to feed you? Are you using common sense or are you fooling yourself?

Here are some interesting thoughts on nutrition, make sure you read it all!

Why I Put Chocolate Frosting on My Toast

Here’s my definition of a healthy breakfast:

1) Chocolate frosting on white bread: chocolate frosting has been shown to be part of a healthy breakfast for years. I know this is unconventional wisdom, but it actually contains a lot of good nutrients. Plus, it’s super tasty.

2) To really quench my morning thirst, I put AT LEAST 1 big tablespoon of sugar in a cup of water and drink that. I know sugar is supposedly bad but when you drink sugar in liquid form your body knows it’s good for you. Of course, I add some sugar to my coffee too!

3) Sometimes, I’ll stop by my favorite breakfast restaurant before I go to work and grab a huge piece of cake instead. Cake has been proven to curb appetite and taste awesome in your mouth… so that’s a no-brainer.

That’s what I eat every morning. And you should do the same. Thanks……..

unhealthy foods

If you’re still here, you know something is definitely wrong.

Am I trying to prove a point, or am have I just gone crazy.

Here’s the point: some people actually eat like this every day and still THINK they are making “healthy” choices…
Let’s play a little game. I’ll change some words around and see what happens.

1) Let’s change “frosting” for “Nutella”: Nutella (famous chocolate spread brand), as the famous advertising goes, is supposed to be part of a “healthy breakfast”. I mean, with 56 roasted hazelnuts in it… it MUST be healthy! The nutrition facts say otherwise:

2 tbsp. Betty Crocker Chocolate frosting: 130 calories, 18g sugar, cheap refined soybean or cottonseed oil
2 tbsp. Nutella: 200 calories, 22g sugar, cheap refined palm oil

Turns out chocolate frosting might actually be a smarter choice. It’s no wonder Nutella just paid $3 million after being sued for false advertising to children…

2) Let’s change “Water and Sugar” for “A cup of 100% orange juice”. Don’t be fooled: fruit juice, even the 100% pure “not-from-concentrated” kind basically contains water and sugar.

1 cup orange juice: water, 22g sugar, some vitamin C (for what it’s worth). Instant fat storage guarantee.
1 cup water with a big tbsp. of sugar: water, 15g sugar. Instant fat storage guarantee.
Orange juice contains 3 times more sugar than the actual fruit. Plus, the fact that it lacks the fiber, enzymes and other nutrients of the whole fruits makes it WAY more fattening.

3) Let’s change “a piece of cake” for “a small blueberry muffin”: your morning muffin has to be better than cake!

1 small blueberry muffin (my favorite kind): white flour, sugar, and refined vegetable oil. 340 calories and 25g sugar.
1 piece of generic cake (without frosting): white flour, sugar, and refined vegetable oil. 260 calories and 26g sugar.

Pretty similar to me.

eat better foods

Some people eat Nutella, orange juice and muffins every single morning and still think they are doing a healthy choice. Can you see how this habit will screw up their health and any fat loss efforts?

If you could remember one thing from this lesson, here it is:

Don’t believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to food. Don’t trust the ads, don’t trust the restaurants. Heck, don’t even trust me too much (I might turn insane some day).

Don’t freak out just yet: instead, check the facts. Read the ingredients. Compare nutrition labels. And decide if eating chocolate frosting, pure sugar in water and cake in the morning every day makes sense if you want to feel great and look great.

Keep it clean, simple and healthy,

Scrambled Eggs, that’s what’s for breakfast

scrambled eggs

Nice fluffy scrambled eggs with bacon, onion and red bell pepper.

In a tablespoons of butter sauté the onion and red pepper.

When the onion becomes translucent and the pepper is soft, add the bacon.

Whip up a couple of eggs, and add to the onion bacon mixture.

The trick to fluffy scrambled eggs is to keep them moving over medium heat.

Remove the pan from the heat while the eggs are still a little undercooked, and gently stir a couple of more times. They should be cooked yet still moist.

And that’s it, enjoy!

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