A Few Good Habits………

One thing I know is that in order to feel good all day, in order to get up at 5.30am and stay alert and full of energy until at least 10pm, I need to eat well, sleep well and exercise!

I guess you could call me a disciplined person. I wasn’t really born that way though; I just learned that I didn’t enjoy feeling cranky, irritable, tired and lacking in enough energy, enthusiasm and motivation to get my ass up to do anything. . I learned an easy solution and applied it. That’s not discipline so much as common sense.

I thought I’d share with you some  tips that may be helpful in getting your  fit and healthy lifestyle off to a good start :

  • Make food count

Stop mindless eating and make a promise to be more mindful of what goes in your mouth. Then promise yourself that everything you eat should have some nutritional benefit.

  • Don’t starve yourself

This will slow down your metabolism and makes it more difficult to lose weight. Eat every 2-3 hours to keep your metabolism revved up.

  • Go for the most decadent

If you’re going to splurge for a dessert, go for the very best. Make it an occasional occurrence, but truly enjoy it. A quality treat of what you really want is more satisfying and will likely result in not overeating.

  • Find exercise that you love

It’s so much easier to do an activity when you love it. Spend the time to learn about yourself and what you like to do so that you can incorporate it daily. I love climbing  no one has to make me do it, I want to do it.

  • Workout with a friend

A friend or a group of like minded people is a great way to keep commitment, motivation and your energy up for any workout.

  • Be uncomfortable

Seriously, if you can talk all through any kind of workout, you’re clearly not working hard enough. If you want your body to change, you need to challenge it.

  • Try a fitness date

See if your significant other would be interested in a date that involves fitness. You may just end up between the sheets for more intimate fitness with the fun that exercise brings to a relationship.

  • Treat yourself

Give yourself something to look forward to, whether it’s a special meal or an outing. Break up your everyday life with special moments that create memories.

  • Turn off the TV

Exercise your brain by reading a book if you need some down time. Honestly, what good has ever come of watching TV? At the very least, limit your viewing to what you really enjoy and stop the time wasting habit of turning it on just because.


  • Enjoy some quiet

Life is so busy that if you look at your day, there may be very little time when there is no back ground noise, people, traffic, whatever. It’s hard to ‘think’ in this chaos. Give yourself 10 minutes a day to do nothing, hear nothing and just let yourself enjoy some quiet and think clearly.

  • Sleep!

This brings me back to the start of this conversation. I think going to bed is one of my favorite things. I know that after a busy day, I look forward to crawling into a warm bed and turning off my head.

And, I know that tomorrow will be a great day when I give myself at least seven hours of shut eye. You need to figure out how much sleep you require to feel great and then just sleep.

Did I miss anything? What ‘good habits’ have you adopted that could help others in their fitness journey?

Karen : )

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