No Time and No Motivation

Here in the real world we all know that time sometimes isn’t on our side but that’s not always true. It is actually pretty rare that its times fault, in truth it’s usually us that haven’t made enough time for time itself.

No time simply means there’s no motivation!

In order to achieve anything in life you have to commit time to that decision, event, and task to actually make it happen and so often we can fall short of that.

It is all too easy to grab a fast food snack or ditch a scheduled workout because you’re ‘too busy’ yet I am 110% certain you wouldn’t ditch picking up your child from school, going to a concert you paid £80 for the ticket or skip watching corrie because there’s a gripping storyline which will end your life if you don’t see!

Your motivation with picking your child up is love, care and safety, your motivation for the concert is the thrill of a live performance and the fact you’ve parted with £80, and the motivation for ‘having’ to see this episode of corrie is because you are living your life through your TV!

It all boils down to what motivates you, so what is your motivation to choose the right foods and workout on a regular basis?

Here are a few things worth sticking in your brain for the next time you DECIDE to eat crap or not workout because you haven’t got enough time.

Diet and Workout Motivation #1 – Feeling and LOOKING good in your clothes

Diet and Workout Motivation #2 – Feeling CONFIDENT and proud in your own skin

Diet and Workout Motivation #3 – Being complimented on how HEALTHY you look

Diet and Workout Motivation #4 – Looking in the mirror and NOT criticising yourself for once

Diet and Workout Motivation #5 – Waking up full of ENERGY and feeling positive

Diet and Workout Motivation #6 – Feeling physically and emotionally STRONGER

Diet and Workout Motivation #7CONFIDENTLY handling stressful situations with ease

Diet and Workout Motivation #8 – Feeling and looking SEXY

Diet and Workout Motivation #9 – Enjoying PAIN FREE back and joints

Diet and Workout Motivation #10 – Being told by the doctor that you’re in PERFECT health

If you simply DECIDE not to skip your workout and not to grab a junk snack then this is EXACTLY how you will feel. This should be the motivation that drives you to make time for your healthy lifestyle.

Get motivated to make time and live the best life you can.

Do it so you can run to pick your kids up from school; so you can look hot and dance your ass off that your concert and so you can sit watching Corrie knowing that you’re still burning calories from your kick ass workout you did that morning.

Get motivated to make change and then DECIDE to do IT.

Have an AWESOME week,

Karen 🙂

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