Tips for the Best Workout Results

We all want to get the best workout results right? Who doesn’t want less body fat, a more toned physique with more physical and mental strength? If you ensure you pay attention to good form then you can have all this and more.

Good workout form can be the difference between injury and great workout results, so pay attention and make sure you do all of these from TODAY!

Tip 1 – Keep your abs pulled tight, every minute of every day if possible but realistically at least every time you perform an exercise! This will strengthen your abs and help stabilize your core helping to prevent injury.

Tight abs for best workout results

Tip 2 – Remember to breathe; when you hold your breath during an exercise your blood pressure rises slightly which puts a strain on your cardiovascular system! The trick is to exhale as you lift (pulling in your abs) and breathe in as you lower the weight, filling your lungs with (the greatest thing on earth) oxygen.

Tip 3 – Keep your chest up, your head up and your shoulders pulled back. This will help keep your spine in the right position and stop you from getting strain down your spine, across your shoulders and up your neck.

Tip 4 – NEVER bend your wrists or let them dip! Keep them nice and neutral to prevent injury and tendonitis.

Tip 5 – Don’t look down! Keep your eyes looking ahead to ensure you keep good balance and don’t strain your neck muscles.

Good posture for the best workout results

Tip 6 – Don’t lock out your joints; this puts a great deal of strain on them and can lead to rapid wear and tear. Keep your elbows and your knees soft with each exercise you perform, this also makes it harder to perform the exercise which gives you a better workout!

Tip 7 – Keep a neutral spine, which means keep the natural curve in your lumber spine (the lower part). This will stop you from putting strain on your hips and knees when you workout and get you the best workout results every time.

Karen 🙂

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